The Power Of Community To Help you Grow

Join Reim El Houni and Namita Ramani as they unveil the transformative power of communities in business growth. This episode dives into how communities offer more than just a sense of belonging – they provide exclusive, enriching content that makes members feel special. Reim and Namita, avid learners and members of various online communities themselves discuss how businesses can foster connection and engagement through community-building. They share inspiring stories of businesses that blossomed from Facebook groups and delve into the crucial decision: should communities be built within social platforms or independently to avoid the volatility of social media? Tune in to discover how nurturing a community can be a game-changer for your business, creating more than just customers – but loyal advocates.

Time Stamps

0:41 – Introduction of Co-hosts
1:06 – Discussion on Communities
2:09 – Example of Local Community Groups
3:47 – Discussion on Different Types of Communities
8:09 – Launching a 14-day Digital Marketing Training During COVID
9:14 – Launching a DIY Video Academy During COVID
13:02 – Experience with Jay Shetty’s Group
14:43 – Exploring Alternatives to Facebook Communities
16:17 – Integrating Community into Learning Management Systems
17:50 – Third-Party Apps and White Labeling
18:59 – Applications for Hosting Webinars and Virtual Events
19:33 – Leveraging Communities in Business
19:56 – Season One Conclusion and Call to Action

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