Social Selling, E-commerce Sites, Apps – What Is The Answer?

Are traditional websites still king, or are apps and social platforms becoming the new marketplaces? From customer experience to the latest trends, we explore every facet of e-commerce in this insightful episode where Reim El Houni and Namita Ramani delve into the dynamic e-commerce world.

From Reim’s preference for quick, seamless shopping experiences to Namita’s insights on dominant sales platforms, they examine whether websites still reign supreme in the age of social selling and apps.

Beyond platform choices, they highlight a crucial element often overlooked: the power of content creation and marketing. They stress that simply having an online presence isn’t enough; attracting customers requires well-produced, professional content, be it videos or photos, along with strategic marketing efforts.

Explore with them the balance between platform functionality and compelling content, unraveling the key to a successful online sales strategy.

Tune in to navigate the multifaceted e-commerce landscape and learn how to effectively market and promote your sales pages.

Time Stamps:
00:11 – Introduction to launching an aggregator app and the importance of funding and a fantastic idea. 01:20 – Discussion about B2B and B2C products and services, and the role of a website in selling products. 02:00 – Talk about the process of buying, with emphasis on the difference between mobile and desktop purchases.
03:13 – Exploring tips for people when facing challenges in online sales and dealing with unresponsive customers.
05:27 – Discussing the impact of instant gratification in online shopping and the importance of user-friendly websites.
06:02 – Delving into the challenges of having both a website and an app for e-commerce platforms.
07:18 – Conversation about the rise of OOH as a preferred platform over Amazon for online shopping in the UK.
08:26 – Discussion on the challenges of convincing merchants to join a new platform and the struggle of getting users to download and use the app.
09:05 – Talking about the accessibility of apps, the flood of loyalty apps, and the challenges of getting users to engage with them.
10:01 – Discussing the concept of social selling and the success of platforms like OOH in the UK.
12:48 – Sharing insights into the impact of celebrity endorsements and the connection between a celebrity and a product.
15:22 – Discussing personal experiences with a service called “Where That” and the effectiveness of personalization in online shopping.
17:48 – Talking about the power of social selling and the shift towards more personalized and targeted content.
18:09 – Discussing the use of data in online marketing, retargeting, and cross-selling based on customer preferences.
21:28 – Sharing thoughts on the role of professional content in driving sales and conversions.
23:18 – Final thoughts on the importance of marketing to drive traffic and the balance between raw/native content and professional content.

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