Personalization is Trending! What Can You Do To Get Personal?

In a landscape cluttered with generic messages, personalization stands as a beacon of relevance and connection.

“Personalization is Trending! What Can You Do To Get Personal?” is not just a question, but an exploration led by Reim El Houni and Namita Ramani in this episode of Digital Dialogues. Namita demystifies the complex world of cookies and pixels, breaking down how these digital tools craft personalized online experiences. Meanwhile, Reim guides the discussion through the less technical side of personalization, focusing on creating tailored client experiences.

Discover the power of a personalized content strategy, which can skyrocket conversion success rates by 80%. Ever thought about a personalized video to re-engage clients? This episode not only delves into the ‘how’ but also showcases the significant impact such strategies can have on your business.

Tune in to learn how to infuse personalization into your marketing and why it’s more than a trend – it’s a necessity.

Time Stamps

0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – Emphasis on privacy protection and accepting cookies
1:51 – Personalization examples from a previous job experience
3:01 – Connecting personalization to AI and digital marketing
5:45 – Understanding the implications of accepting cookies
6:47 – Differentiating between cookies and pixels in digital marketing
9:39 – Mention of personalization in content marketing
12:41 – Using personalized videos in business communication
14:24 – Sending personalized messages to different audiences
16:01 – Personalized handwritten messages as a tangible effort
17:36 – The ease of personalization with AI tools
18:00 – The significance of personalization in creating memories
19:08 – Customer response to personalized content
20:04 – Impact of personalization in email marketing
21:36 – Closing remarks on doing business with people, not machines

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