The Metaverse Demystified with Special Guest Hind Sergieh, CEO of Arkub

Step into the future with Reim El Houni, Namita Ramani, and special guest Hind Sergieh, CEO of Arkub, in this groundbreaking episode: “The Metaverse Demystified.”

The trio navigates the intricate landscape of the metaverse, clarifying buzzwords like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. What do these technologies mean for businesses looking to dip their toes into this new realm?

As they unfold the concept of Web 3.0, Hind brings valuable insights with real-world case studies, demonstrating how businesses have successfully monetized, opened new doors, and captivated fresh audiences in the metaverse.

This episode breaks down complex jargon, making it accessible and highlighting why involvement in this digital frontier is not just intriguing but essential for forward-thinking businesses.

Tune in to demystify the metaverse and discover the vast potential it holds for your brand.

Time Stamps
0:05 – Description of a fully immersive 360 experience
1:45 – Discussion about the initial state of VR in 2013
4:52 – Mention of IKEA using AR for shopping experiences
5:05 – Anticipation of increasing consumer demand for VR
7:51 – Clarification that a headset is necessary for VR
11:49 – Mention of the interactive aspect of VR experiences
15:05 – Commentary on companies adapting to new trends
18:10 – Introduction of the term “metaverse” and its difference from VR
19:11 – Emphasis on user avatar creation in the metaverse
21:16 – Challenges faced in convincing conservative industries like real estate
28:07 – Mention of the TV show “Upload” and its theme of a digital afterlife
30:07 – Examples of brands like Nike and Withall using the metaverse
32:55 – Platform for artists to upload and sell digital art
36:15 – Importance of research and differentiation in the metaverse
41:56 – Use of VR in aviation and healthcare for manual interactions

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