Is WhatsApp The Social Platform You Can’t Ignore?

Join Reim El Houni and Namita Ramani in this eye-opening episode of Digital Dialogues, where they unravel the often-overlooked prowess of WhatsApp.

With staggering statistics like an 80% penetration in the UAE, reaching over 8 million people, WhatsApp emerges not just as a messaging app, but a marketing titan.

Namita highlights the nearly ubiquitous mobile phone usage, positioning WhatsApp as an indispensable tool to connect with customers. Reim dives into the nuances of leveraging WhatsApp for business – from the efficacy of broadcast lists to crafting targeted content for various customer segments.

They explore the distinctive advantages of personal WhatsApp chats versus a WhatsApp Business account, providing insights into optimizing each for business growth. The takeaway? In today’s digital landscape, neglecting a WhatsApp strategy is not an option for businesses aiming to thrive.

Time Stamps
0:01 – Introduction to WhatsApp for businesses.
1:13 – Staying updated through WhatsApp groups.
2:16 – 8 million WhatsApp users in UAE.
3:17 – Evolution of digital campaigns since 2012.
4:43 – Benefits of running ads on WhatsApp.
7:17 – Features within WhatsApp Business.
8:57 – Personal insights on WhatsApp usage.
10:19 – Creating broadcast lists on WhatsApp.
11:57 – Importance of targeted communication on WhatsApp.
15:29 – Businesses effectively using WhatsApp for feedback.
17:11 – High mobile penetration, emphasizing WhatsApp use.
17:22 – Closing remarks in the digital dialogue.


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