The World of AI Explained with Special Guest Fahed Bizzari, The Chaos Wrangler

Think AI is too complex? Think again.

In this enlightening episode of Digital Dialogues, we start by uncovering the AI magic already influencing your daily decisions – from Netflix suggestions to targeted web searches.

Then, we plunge into the transformative world of Chat GPT. Learn how, with the right prompts and training, this tool can be an invaluable ally. Our guest, Fahed Bizzari, boasts Chat GPT as his digital co-pilot for a whopping 90% of tasks!

While Namita remains skeptical about such heavy reliance, Reim spots its potential goldmine for content creation.

But it’s not just about today – together, we gaze into the future, envisioning new tools poised to streamline workflows and boost efficiency.

Entrepreneurs, this AI wave is crashing in, and it’s time to surf or sink. Tune in to ensure you’re riding the crest and not caught in the undertow!

About Our Guest – Fahed Bizzari

Fahed Bizzari is an entrepreneur and knowledge engineer specialising in AI literacy. He helps professionals integrate GPT technologies into their workflows and has a record of supporting medium-sized businesses. He created the FASTER ChatGPT curriculum, a program teaching practical applications of GPT technology. He’s currently based in the UAE.

Time Stamps

1:50 – Technology’s rapid advancement.
2:14 – “Crazy approach for learning”
3:30 – “AI’s role in our lives”
6:05 – “User-friendly nature of GPT”
7:01 – “Using AI for copywriting”
12:25 – “Guiding AI to answer questions”
13:51 – Chat GPT’s knowledge limitations.
13:58 – Access to information only up to September 2021.
14:04 – Chat GPT’s knowledge about GPT.
14:18 – Chat GPT’s limitations in advanced topics.
18:42 – Using AI for empathy.
20:08 – Discussing affiliate program values.
20:13 – Emphasizing user-centered design.
20:26 – Chat GPT’s limitations in real-time data.
21:42 – Misconceptions about Chat GPT.
24:15 – Discussion on AI’s role in facts.
24:29 – Shifting to perplexity for real-time data.
24:34 – Reducing dependence on Google.
24:48 – Reducing dependence on Google.
27:40 – Transition process challenges.
28:06 – Exploring other AI tools.
32:20 – Staying ahead in technology.
34:19 – Evolving with AI.
36:27 – AI’s impact on operational efficiency.
37:50 – Shifting to perplexity for real-time data.
44:45 – Top tips for AI tinkering.
47:13 – Fad Bizzari’s AI mentorship.
48:01 – Becoming a GPT magician.

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