Content Creation is the New Networking, According to Steven Bartlett – Do You Agree?

“Content Creation is the New Networking” – a bold claim by Steven Bartlett, but is it the digital truth?

This episode of Digital Dialogues delves deep. As the pandemic nudged us all online, networking evolved, making room for zoom calls and virtual events. But can they ever rival the connection of in-person meets?

As we dissect this, a bigger question emerges: Is the real magic in consistent online content creation?

Reim El Houni champions content not just as a brand tool, but as a genuine relationship builder.

Dive in as Namita Ramani, an introverted entrepreneur not keen on traditional networking, shares how the online shift has eased her networking journey.

Discover how to foster online connections that transition offline, how content keeps you front-of-mind in your network, and the key metrics to ensure your digital networking is on point.

Join the dialogue and decide: Is content creation your networking game-changer?

Time Stamps

0:23 – Introduction to the discussion about content creation and networking.
1:02 – One of the hosts discusses her discomfort with traditional networking.
1:37 – The hosts talk about how online networking events have become more normalized due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
3:15 – The hosts describe a virtual speed networking event experience.
6:45 – Discussion about the impact of content creation on networking.
11:45 – Discussion on the types of content created and the need for concise, valuable content.
14:20 – Discussion on the importance of private messaging in online networking.
16:01 – The conversation shifts to the impact of content creation on personal branding.
18:01 – The hosts talk about rekindling connections with dormant leads and existing contacts.
19:58 – Discussion about the repurposing of content for different platforms.
20:28 – The hosts emphasize the importance of personal stories in content.

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