The Power of Podcasting – Why Everyone You Know is Starting a Podcast!

As the podcast industry is projected to skyrocket to a staggering $4 billion by 2024, there’s never been a better time to dive into its intricacies.

Join Reim and Namita on a journey through the evolving podcast landscape. From dissecting the ideal podcast length – with Namita endorsing extended chats and Reim advocating for brevity – to the ongoing ‘seasons vs. continuous’ debate, every angle is explored.

And while video’s ascent in the podcast realm excites video expert Reim, it’s startling that only 17% of podcasts have embraced it, despite platforms like Spotify pushing its boundaries.

Whether you’re a podcast aficionado or just starting out, this episode is packed with insights, tips, and a sprinkle of spirited debate.

Tune in and decode the magic behind the microphone!

Time Stamps

0:01: 177% of podcasters have added a video component to their shows.
1:25: Many podcasts are informative and put effort into sound effects and quality.
3:54: The concept of “gratitude chats” was mentioned in “Diary of a CEO,” inspiring the creation of a gratitude WhatsApp group.
5:34: Podcasts allow you to connect with new people and discover other podcasts.
7:22: Consistency in podcasting is crucial for maintaining engagement.
10:17: 177% of podcasters have added video components, surprising some due to the relatively low number.
13:16: Podcasting has gained popularity, with significant growth in recent years.
16:00: Video podcasts allow viewers to see emotions and expressions.
17:43: Podcasts can lead to sales through sponsorships and product promotions.
19:03: Long podcasts may deter some listeners, emphasizing the importance of podcast duration.
20:00: Shorter sound bites and podcasts with clear structures are appreciated by many
21:28: Be conscious of your audience and marketing strategies in podcasting.

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