Does Traditional Marketing Still Work?

? Is traditional marketing still in the game? Join Reim El Houni, with her staunch belief in the enduring power of television for its unmatched credibility, and Namita Ramani, as they scrutinize the evolving landscape of audience engagement.

In an era where digital consumption is king, does TV content still command the throne, albeit in altered forms? And what about the trusty old PR companies – do they have a place in our hashtags and SEO-driven strategies? The duo doesn’t stop there; they deep-dive into the realm of email marketing.

Delve into the art of crafting emails that people will actually read – from deciding the frequency to mastering personalization and the finesse of follow-ups. While they acknowledge the pulse of traditional strategies, Reim and Namita also explore their digital counterparts, offering a balanced perspective for marketers straddling both worlds.

Tune in for insights on striking the right chord between the classic and contemporary.

Time Stamps

0:00 – Introduction and mention of various marketing principles.
1:02 – Transition to discussing traditional marketing with a digital twist.
2:39 – Talk about the credibility factor of being featured in traditional media.
4:09 – How a common business can benefit from appearing on TV.
6:44 – Expanding beyond TV to radio and digital magazines.
9:08 – The importance of taking the initiative to get featured in publications.
13:29 – A detour into email marketing strategies.
17:41 – Discussion of emotional triggers in marketing copy.
21:33 – Timing of email campaigns for specific target audiences.
24:27 – The consideration of users coming back to emails on mobile devices.
26:33 – The idea that traditional marketing can still direct traffic to digital.
27:01 – Closing thoughts on digital PR.

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